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      At Custom Tin Toy Trucks, LLC, (CTTT) our Artisans take vintage pressed steel toy trucks and that are “clunkers”, then utilize time, talent and effort to bring you high quality custom toy trucks and construction machines.  You, the discriminating collector can be proud that your investment is showcased as a “One of a kind”.  By “One of a kind” we mean no one else will ever have the exact same Custom Tin Toy Truck you receive. Kind of like going to a Hot Rod show or Cruise In where there are similar vehicles but none the same, so in the same manner each CTTT truck is individually customized. With every CTTT project our artisans provide a signed and serial numbered gold label affixed to the bottom of the truck with a frame able certificate specific to your collectible.

     In an attempt to maximize the value of your truck, Custom Tin Toy Trucks, LLC has created, in addition to the For Sale site, a Gallery and Artisans Guild page where each vehicle is forever showcased and easily authenticated including a short write up about the piece and the artisan who created it. The benefit to you is that a worldwide audience will see you’re collectable hopefully increasing the value of your Custom Tin Toy Truck forever. We believe you will love owning one of our customized projects, and each Custom Tin Toy Truck is guaranteed!!  If you are not thrilled with your purchase we offer a full refund.

      Custom Tin Toy Trucks, LLC is a “for profit” venture; however we have a partner that we hold dearly to our hearts. When you purchase a Custom Tin Toy Truck, a percentage of the Gross Sale price will go to a charity operating in India called Passion 4 People.  Check out the link to see this awesome outreach.

       Custom Tin Toy Trucks stocks vintage Tonka, Buddy L, Structo, Steelcraft, Nylint, Metalcraft, Wyandotte, Buckeye, Dunwell, Marx, and Dopke trucks and parts from as far back as the early part of the last century.  From this inventory our artisans mix and match parts and other cool ideas in creating unique toy trucks & construction vehicles.  

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